"The Online TEFL Course That Gives You An Unfair Advantage!"

Master the skills to teach Young Learners and Business English

Special Offer Online TESOL Course!

Special offer on online TEFL course

Impress Your Future Employer By Proving You Have The Skills To Teach ALL Age Groups

The TEFL industry today is competitive so you need to have an advantage when applying for jobs.

This is why we have developed the 180 Hour Cert TESOL online TEFL course, because we want YOU to have the edge.


This online TEFL course is the 150 Hour Cert TESOL , plus extra modules focusing on methods for teaching young learners and business English for adults.

Picture this...

The employer of a language school has two equal candidates for a job. You and another. You've learned how to teach young learners and business English but the other candidate hasn't.

Who do you think the employer is going to choose? You! TEFL employers want versatile teachers at the end of the day.

In addition to all the benefits of the 150 Hour Cert TESOL online TEFL course, this course includes THREE advanced modules:

Advanced Unit 1: ESOL Skills for Life (not assessed)
At the end of the Skills for Life module you will:
1) have been introduced to the UK national ESOL Skills for Life programme and the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum.
2) understand the differences between ESOL Skills for Life and other existing ESOL courses.
3) have identified the aims of the ESOL Skills for Life course and the needs of the target learners.
4) have had an introduction to the type of course materials and assessment procedures developed for the ESOL Skills for Life programme.
5) know where to get materials and further information for the ESOL Skills for Life courses and assessment.
The INTESOL ESOL Skills for Life module has been written by an approved course provider and assessor for City & Guilds ESOL Skills for Life.

Advanced Unit 2: Business English
Subjects covered in this unit are:
Business English in relation to EFL/ESOL
- How to carry out a Needs Analysis
- Matching course content to target group
- Creating materials for Business English
- How to write a Business English syllabus

Advanced Unit 3: Young Learners
- Subjects covered in this unit are:
- Differences between the ways in which adults and children learn
- Features in the stages of development of young learners
- Classroom management strategies for use in the Young Learners classroom
- Teaching techniques for use with Young Learners


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How Long Does This Online TEFL Course Take?

The length of time it takes to complete the course depends on your other commitments. There are approximately 180 hours of work involved in the course. As a general guideline most students complete the course within 4 months, however if you require more time this is not a problem. If you are in a hurry, for example due to an overseas deadline, inform your tutor who will guide you through the course and enable you to complete it more quickly. There are no set start dates.

ALAP Accreditation

ALAP Accreditation INTESOL Worldwide TESOL/TEFL courses are accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a UK based Awarding Organisation. ALAP is an accrediting organisation that specialises in the ELT industry.

The Awarding Body which accredits your TESOL qualification is of paramount importance, consider it carefully.

Studying An ALAP Accredited Qualification With INTESOL. What This Means To You, The Student!

  • It means your training is of the highest quality.
  • It means your course is moderated and the procedures are checked by an external body.
  • It means you will receive 2 certificates, one from INTESOL and one from ALAP with no extra expense to you.
  • It means you will receive a Course Transcript from ALAP showing what you have studied.
  • It means that employers worldwide will know that your course is of a high academic standard.
  • It means your course provider is inspected annually.
  • It means your course provider and your accrediting body are investing in quality and will give excellent service.
  • It means we don’t just pay an annual fee to an association so we can put their logo on our website – we take accreditation seriously – so should you!

Award of Certificate

Certificates are graded as follows:

A1 - Distinction
A2 - Excellent
B1 - Very Good
B2 - Good
C - Pass

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive:

  • ALAP 180 Hour Certificate in TESOL PLUS (without teaching practice)
  • ALAP Course Transcript


Online TESOL Course Fee

Course Fees £495

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  Deposit 2 x monthly Total
180hr Certificate in TESOL £195 £150 £495

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"In Less That One Month You'll Have Earned Back The Cost Of Your TEFL Course. A Worthwhile Investment We're Sure You'll Agree!"


What Is Included In The INTESOL Cert TESOL Course Fee?

  • ALAP 180 Hr. Certificate in TESOL PLUS
  • ALAP Course Transcript
  • INTESOL Certificate in TESOL w/ Business English and Young Learners (graded bonus certificate)
  • ALAP registration fees
  • Access to INTESOL Online Student Discussion Forum
  • Proven techniques that will make you a confident, well-resourced TEFL teacher
  • Thorough preparation for ANY teaching environment
  • Teaching resource pack for your first few lessons (lots of lessons and activities)
  • Easy to follow course material accessible entirely online. No heavy books to carry.
  • A guide to help you brush up on your English grammar
  • A personal reference for every job you apply for
  • Security of gaining a qualification from an established, well known TEFL course provider
  • First to know when we get new jobs from TEFL employers
  • No extra fees to pay for assessment


FREE BONUS #1: Games & Lessons Starter Pack

INTESOL is giving away a games and lessons starter pack with every online TEFL course enrolment.

This pack is packed with over 30 hours of games and comprehensive lesson plans** to get you started on the right foot.

* You won't find the teaching material in this pack anywhere else on the 'Net. It's totally unique. The plans and games have been written exclusively for INTESOL by expert TEFL teachers.

FREE BONUS #2: Back to Basics Grammar

A grammar guide packed with useful information.



It's Time To Get Started

Having read this far you've obviously got the motivation to make this happen, and getting started couldn't be simpler:

  • Click 'Enrol Now' to enrol and pay for the 180 Hour Cert TESOL course.
  • You will be issued with your online username and password.
  • When you login you'll find everything will be easily laid out for you. You'll have everything you need to get started, including contact details for your tutor and our student support number at Head Office.
  • You'll work through your first module and submityour assignment to your personal tutor. They'll get back to you with constructive feedback and guidance that will help you develop your skills.
  • Once you've successfully completed all 10 modules you'll be a fully qualified, confident English Teacher. You'll receive your graded Certificate in TESOL with Business English and TEYL from INTESOL accredited by ALAP. And don't forget, you're now able to use the letters 'Cert. TESOL' after your name. A proud moment!
  • Next, you just have to choose where you want to go!

We look forward to welcoming you to our long list of graduates and helping you succeed!

Admissions Manager, INTESOL Graduate and Seasoned TEFLer

Ready for change?

Yes! I'm Ready To Become An Accredited English Language Teacher With An Advantage!

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