Since 1993 INTESOL International TESOL Training has been dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in accredited onsite and online TESOL/TEFL courses.

Providing quality TESOL training for the past 22 Years!

Introduction to INTESOL

INTESOL GraduatesThousands of INTESOL graduates have studied for a variety of reasons, but primarily:

  • To fulfil their dream of living and working overseas
  • To enjoy a change of career
  • To further their career and personal development

Or to simply flex their minds!

Typically, INTESOL helps those wishing to enjoy a TEFL career break, career change or develop their current TEFL teaching career. With no upper age limits (you must be 18 or over) and no previous teaching experience required, we attract a broad mix of students.

We are ranked amongst the top TEFL course providers for the quality of our teaching so, whatever your reason for studying, you'll find yourself in expert hands.

With INTESOL you have the opportunity to gain your accredited TEFL certificate or by flexible online/distance learning.


Our Mission

The overall mission of INTESOL is to help people from a broad range of backgrounds achieve a varied and fulfilling lifestyle through teaching English and living abroad.

Our aim is to help you develop and grow as a person by showing you how to become a confident, well-resourced, professional ESOL/EFL teacher.

Through continuing research and development INTESOL seeks to be the world leader in quality TESOL/TEFL training; TESOL/TEFL training that takes into account the demands of every day life.


History of INTESOL

Course Director Lynda Hazelwood founded INTESOL in 1993 on the belief that TEFL tuition should be available to all, regardless of age, race, gender, work and family commitments. Lynda believed that anyone with the ability to communicate clearly in English should be given the opportunity and encouragement to gain a professional qualification in TESOL/TEFL.

In the beginning INTESOL ran weekend introductory TESOL/TEFL courses. Research found that 80% of the participants then wanted to take a TESOL/TEFL course that would qualify them to teach ESOL/EFL, but most could not give up four weeks of their time to attend an intensive TESOL/TEFL course. In response to this, Lynda Hazelwood began to develop teaching materials that could be used for distance learning. The Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL by distance learning was born!

Today, INTESOL is a truly global TEFL/TESOL training organisation with new branches opening every year throughout the world, running both onsite and distance learning TESOL/TEFL courses.

INTESOL graduates are working in all corners of the globe, from Spain to Thailand, from Korea to Costa Rica.


Study Options with INTESOL

INTESOL has two main styles of teaching: Supported Distance Learning and Classroom Based Learning.

Supported Distance Learning means you will be learning in your own time, by reading course material, working on course activities and completing tasks.

INTESOL uses a carefully structured approach to learning and will help you every step of the way. Your personal tutor will support you. With each returned module you will receive an assessment sheet, which allows your trainer to comment on your progress, giving advice and guidance for future modules.

Classroom based learningA centralised team of TESOL Advisors are also available to assist you. If you feel you are in difficulties with any aspect of the course you are able to contact us by email, phone or letter.

Classroom Based Learning means you will attend an onsite class where you will be taught by a number of trainers and have the opportunity to interact with other TEFL trainees. Classroom based learning also includes teaching practice on real language students.

Each module of your course will be illustrated by practical methods and strategies for use in the ESOL classroom, with a real balance between theory and practice.


Onsite TESOL/TEFL Courses

Onsite intensive TESOL/TEFL courses have long been the traditional route to getting qualified before teaching English abroad. We have a choice of locations in the TEFL hot spots of the World, which means you can coincide your TESOL/TEFL course with the beginning of your new overseas adventure.

For more information on INTESOL Onsite courses click here to go to our sister website. top

Distance Learning Online TESOL/TEFL Courses

Whilst our 4 week onsite TESOL/TEFL courses have always been popular, most students require greater flexibility due to work or family commitments. These students benefit greatly from being able to study part-time, working from home or wherever it's convenient. Our unique method of study - supported distance learning - means that you can set your own timetable around the way you live.

We provide top quality teaching materials, regular feedback on your progress and help whenever you need it.

From the start, you will be in touch with our support centre and allocated a personal tutor. You'll also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other students.


Observed Teaching Practice in UK Accredited Language Schools

In the early years, many INTESOL distance TESOL/TEFL course trainees asked us how they could enhance their skills and confidence before going live in the classroom. In response to this need, we pioneered flexible TESOL/TEFL training methods unrivalled by any other TESOL/TEFL course provider. You can choose to combine supported distance learning with one or two weeks of classroom based learning at a choice of centres worldwide.


Studying Outside the UK

INTESOL's 'supported distance learning' TESOL/TEFL courses enable you to study from anywhere in the world.

We offer you support by email. The fastest and most efficient method of study involves the submission of work by this method.

You might also be able to contact other students to organise your own informal study group. Your local INTESOL representative or regional centre will be happy to help arrange a study group for you. Alternatively you can join the INTESOL Student Forum. Please contact INTESOL for details.

username: student
password: intesol2008

We currently have students studying in over 30 different countries worldwide. We have local representatives in some countries. Please contact INTESOL for more information on .


Recognition of INTESOL TESOL/TEFL Qualifications

TESOL/TEFL qualifications awarded by INTESOL are recognised by TEFL institutions throughout the UK, the European Union and the rest of the world. They are the mark of your academic success but also have added value because they show that you have commitment, ambition and self-discipline - qualities important to prospective TEFL employers.

Over the years, language schools all over the world have encouraged and sponsored their staff to take INTESOL TESOL/TEFL courses.


ALAP Accreditation

INTESOL Worldwide TESOL/TEFL courses are accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a UK based Awarding Organisation. ALAP is an accrediting organisation that specialises in the ELT industry.




INTESOL requires that all students are educated to at least 'A' Level/High School Diploma standard or above. If you don't have these qualifications, but have at least 5 years commercial experience you may also apply.

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TESOL Careers

Our TESOL Careers Centre will help you make decisions about all aspects of your TEFL career planning and development, as well as give you up-to-date advice on producing CVs and coping with interviews.


Study Groups

INTESOL can arrange a study group for you. Over the years, we have arranged study groups for language schools, academic institutions and independent groups.

If you are a group of 3 to 15 people and would like to study as a group then INTESOL can help you arrange that group and how you will study. We can also offer you a group discount. Please contact to find out more.

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